Mavis Rescue 2013

Whilst out on a late afternoon training session MaViS, our 5m FunYak Dory, received a call from Harbour Control that Portland CG was asking if MaViS could assist with a call for which they only had limited information. A 9ft fishing boat was having engine trouble, there were 3 young male (teens) without life jackets or any other safety gear including vhf. The location was a bit vague but in the area of Wareham Channel, about 2 miles away.

MaViS went to search and eventually found them on a mud bank by buoy WH9 and were able to drag the fishing boat (a small tender) off the mud and back into the water. Two of the lads were taken aboard MaViS with one remaining in the fishing boat as there were no cleats to secure a line. The vessel was then towed to the nearest safe location (redcliff) and put on the slip. On completion of this the CG was informed of the outcome and given boat details and personal details, Harbour Control was updated and MaViS eventually returned back to POP Marina for a well deserved wash down. . This emphasizes the importance of proper safety gear and calling in to report our presence to the Authorities. Well done to Chris and crew.

Peter Lockwood – Poole Unit